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Our mission is to bring the best accessible OKR software to every individual, one person project, startups and companies that want to achieve big objectives.

We want to facilitate the collaboration inner and cross department, better align the company and employees objectives and strategies, make OKRs transparent and hight accessible and avoid waste by diminishing duplicated work.

It is very difficult to get somewhere if you do not know where you are going and OKRs will help you to build a path to archive your objectives.

What is an OKR? (Objectives and Key Results)

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Objectives and key results (OKR) are a proven goal-setting framework for creating alignment, sharpening focus, and building a highly productive and engaged work culture to drive business outcomes.

What are the benefits of OKR?

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OKRs allow anyone in the organization to see what other people are working on. Individuals can see the importance of their contributions to their team. Leaders can see how their objectives are being implemented by teams throughout their organization and initiate discussions to keep the work on track.

OKR is a collaboration framework that allows people to work towards the same objective focusing on the most important things to do. It aligns the company objectives with the individual objectives providing the visibility to every employee that their work is contributing to a bigger cause.

Make goals clear > Make goals inspired > Make goals public > Always measure progress

Successful histories of 10x grown with OKRs

Companies logos using OKR, google, nuna, Bill and Melinda Gates, Intel

Google is between of many companies that relies in the power of OKRs to drive grown. Google Chrome is one of many google projects that used OKRs to achieve ambitious goals. Once they had the objective to be the fastest browser in the market ORKs drive them to success where the Google Chrome become more than 10 times faster than it was in its initial conception. All of that due to a very well done set objectives and key results that motivated all the Chrome team to give their best to achieve the goals.

Intel had many success projects using OKRs and the most famous of them was the Operation Crush an OKR to "crush" the competition in the microprocessor market becoming the big empire that it is today.

The Gates Foundation also used OKRs to work against Dracunculiasis disease and is expected now to be the second disease to be eradicated in the human history.

Nuna used OKRs to make the health care system work better for millions of people who need it most.

What we offer:

Easily show your company OKRs

Quickly share with everyone the company OKR and the link to the senior leadership OKRs.

Example of a company ORKs

Easy access to the senior leadership OKRs.

Example of a company ORKs with Senior Leadership

Set the key result owners, track progress and update status

When defining the company Key results or a team Key result it is essential to set who is the owner for that and we provide a easy way to do and visualize it. ORKs to be effective have to be checked frequently in each check you can set the progress and add some status notes.

Example of a company ORKs setting the OKR ownership
Example of a company ORKs animation

Easily check your team-mates OKRs

At the bottom of every OKR there is a link to the team-mates OKRs. Transparency is essential to archive the objectives.

Team-mates OKRs
Team-mates OKRs animation

Instant find any OKRs in your company

OKRs are easy to find with the OKR directory. Search by Name, function or team.

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Link your Key results with other employees or company Objectives or Key Results

Easily link your key results with your company, team or team-mates Key results so everyone knows how you are contributing to a bigger goal.

Software linking related ORKs

Visualize the OKR relationships

Linking Key results helps to expand your network horizontal and vertical finding peers to work together. Analyzing relationships you might discover duplicated work and have a chance to align and avoid waste.

Visualization of OKRs relationships
ORK relationship with duplicated work, collaboration and managers

Support the project

At the moment we are pre-launching a funding the project using kickstater link below. The kickstarter project will be live on 01 of March of 2023 (you can preview it now)

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If you are interested in contributing to the project, have any feedback or suggestions please contact me on Linkedin or Twitter

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